Turning your company’s knowledge into action.

Claimbot’s integrates with your systems to ensure users receive accurate and actionable answers - reducing the need to connect with a call center agent and delivering a better customer experience for the auto, warranty and insurance industries.

Our virtual chat engine automates and enhances the customer journey, delivering the knowledge they need to solve problems in a format they crave.


Industries We Serve



Streamline the customer journey from quoting to filing claims with a powerful chat engine that delights your customers.



Empower your customers to make payments, modify reservations and request roadside assistance without ever having to contact an agent.



Give your customers unprecedented visibility into every detail of their policy. Filing a claim, making a payment, and updating policy details has never been easier.

Claimbot Partners and Customers



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Customer Testimonials


Steve from Silvercar

“Claimbot enables us to deliver a faster response to our client’s needs while also empowering our customer service representatives with the necessary data to further assist our clients.”


Grant Wild from Brightside

"Having been built for insurance makes the platform uniquely capable to serve our use case, making complex flows like purchasing a policy or filing a claim as simple as an off-the-shelf feature.”


Ethan Galloway from Omadi

“With Claimbot’s technology 44% of users in need of roadside and towing assistance were handled without the need to escalate to a human agent, helping us increase service quality and reduce call center volume.”


Explore the only virtual chat platform built for the insurance and automative industries.