Claimbot’s Proactive Messaging support Insurer’s CAT Plans

Is your CAT plan hurricane proof?

The major influx of calls before and after a natural disaster is the reality of most of the carriers in the US. Struggling to meet the demands of clients with unscalable technology solutions that damper the customer experience your clients deserve. 

At Claimbot, we believe that our self-service solutions can help your company withstand any natural disaster at scale.

To support your CAT plan, Claimbot launched proactive messaging capabilities. An agnostic outreach tool for your non-technical customer support team that reduces hold times and streamlines communication during surge events. 

What is proactive messaging and how does it work? 

Proactive Messaging is the action of anticipating a customer’s needs while also providing a solution that enhances the customer’s experience.  

Insurance carriers can benefit from Claimbot’s proactive capabilities before, during and after surge events using API bulk notifications and personal notifications. 

Connect with your customers before a surge event

API Bulk Notifications

Claimbot’s API notifications are ideal to notify insured customers that their insurance company is standing by.  Take a look at the following example.

A hurricane warning had been issued to impact the East coast of the United States. In response, insurers have opened more phone lines and increased the customer service personnel to manage high call volume. An unscalable and passive approach to serve your customers. 

While your agents handle calls, Claimbot is already one step ahead communicating with hundreds of customers at the same time.

How does it work?

Claimbot integrates to your core systems and intelligently scrapes the list of clients who are most likely to be impacted by the storm. Our platform can programmatically manage that list and trigger an automatic SMS notification or email with a link to Claimbot’s virtual assistant. Every client in the storm’s path receives a text from the insurer guiding them on how to get help before the storm.


“Zilker Insurance is standing by to assist you in the aftermath of the storm. We’re expecting high volumes, remember that you can always start the claims process and find help using our virtual assistant”.


Personal Notifications

Claimbot also supports personal notifications for whenever your support team needs an individualized communication.

John is an insurer who received the SMS notification prior to the storm.  He experienced property damage and wants to start a claim. John simply opens the link the insurer had sent before the storm and began the claims process through the virtual assistant.

Without hold times, and no hassles. John was able to submit:

  • Full name

  • Phone Address

  • Policy number

Zilker Insurance’s customer support team noticed that John had initiated the claim process with Claimbot, but he is only missing one step: photos of the damages. 

To re-engage with John, a customer service representative selects a pre-configured task using Claimbot’s dashboard and immediately sends John a personalized text message to help him complete the process exactly where he left off.

Claimbot’s dashboard helps your customer support team to communicate directly with clients.

Claimbot’s dashboard helps your customer support team to communicate directly with clients.


Why use Claimbot’s Proactive Messaging? 

Claimbot’s proactive messaging was created with an insurance focus and their customers in mind.

  1. Reduce hold times during surge events, allowing representatives to focus on high profile requests.

  2. Support your customers : Divert from support tickets to actionable tasks that show your customers their insurance company is there for them.

  3. Anticipate Customer’s Needs: Be proactive. Give your customers what they need, before they ask for it.

  4. Deflect calls: Delight customers with self-service options that at the same time support your customer service team.

  5. Get the right data: Avoid disparate systems and adopt end-to-end data consistency. 

Want to learn more about other ways you can implement proactive messages with payment, roadside or quote requests?

Contact us to schedule a demo.

Vote for our SXSW PanelPicker: Jumpstarting CX for the Future of Mobility

Voting is now open for SXSW 2020 Panels, and we need your help to bring together thoughtful leaders from insurance, mobility and customer experience in a panel we called: “Jumpstarting CX for the Future of Mobility”.

Here’s how to vote:

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Connected, autonomous and shared mobility present exponential challenges when it comes to customer experience. The manual processes and disparate systems in place to assist drivers today are ill-equipped to solve for these new challenges. This panel of insurance, customer experience and mobility experts will discuss the innovation required to provide the support future drivers will demand. The panel will address questions like: Can the auto world come together to provide unified customer experience, solving claims, maintenance, roadside and perhaps even new experiences we have yet to imagine? Who will take the lead? Insurers? OEMs? New Players? How does autonomous vehicles simplify or complicate these dynamics?

SXSW PanelPicker 2020 Mobility speakers

The Austin Bot community gathers at SXSW for the second annual ATX Bots Bash

On Sunday, March 10th a curated crowd of developers, UX designers, and local bot startups gathered during SXSW to mingle with influencers in the space.

Claimbot was honored to co-sponsor the event and host our investor Ilya Gelfenbeyn, Head of Google Assistant Investments and Vittorio Banfi, CEO and Co-Founder of Botsociety.

We had a great time meeting talented folks in the bot space and look forward to next year’s event. Special thanks to our friends at Voxable, Stripe, and Austin Chat UX for putting a great event together.  

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