Customer Testimonials

Learn more about what our clients are saying about Claimbot in the auto, roadside, and insurance industries.


Steve Sierra from Silvercar

Silvercar maintains one of the highest Net Promoter Scores in any industry, our mission is to deliver the best customer service with the latest market innovations. With Claimbot’s virtual assistant we have managed our inbound call volume more  efficiently while delighting our customers. Within the first three months Claimbot handled more than 1,000 customer requests streamlining anything from car seat to ski rack requests all while integrating with Zendesk, our customer service ticketing system. Claimbot enables us to deliver a faster response to our client’s needs while also empowering our customer service representatives with the necessary data to further assist our clients. 


Grant Wild from Brightside Co.

Claimbot’s chat-engine has become a key piece in our mission to enhance customer experience and drive efficiencies here at Brightside. Having been built for insurance makes the platform uniquely capable to serve our use case, making complex flows like purchasing a policy or filing a claim as simple as an off-the-shelf feature. Beyond powerful technology, the communication and project management skills of their customer success team have erased time-zones headaches and made launching our self-service chat offering a breeze.


Ethan Galloway from Omadi

Requesting Roadside Assistance can be a frustrating experience; especially in urgent and stressful situations. Most customers determine service quality in the initial period of incidence. Claimbot has helped us streamline our communication with customers which has been essential for increasing user satisfaction. With Claimbot’s technology 44% of users in need of roadside and towing assistance were handled without the need to escalate to a human agent, helping us increase service quality and reduce call center volume.